Macro with Python

Macro with Python uses topics typically covered in an Intermediate (or advanced) macroeconomics course to offer introductory examples to Python. The examples assume an introductiry knowledge of Python and same familiarity with intermediate macroeconomic models.

The examples are intended to learn to use Python in the context of macroeconomic models. The examples are not intended to offer complete discussion of the models or coding techniques. The intention of Macro with Python is to get started with how to use Python in macroeconomics. QuantEcon offers more advanced an detailed documentation.

Macro with Python is an ongoing project. More examples will be added as they become available.
Submission of issues and recommendations are welcome.

Metropolitan State University of Denver | Associate Professor of Economics
American Institute for Economic Research | Senior Fellow

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Examples included

  1. The labor market
  2. The IS-LM model
  3. The AD-AS model
  4. The Solow model
  5. The R&D growth model
  6. A simple Ramsey model
  7. TBD

Other projects

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